The Wild Rockies Review

From 1988 to 2002, within a geographical area envisioned as the "Wild Rockies," varying conglomerates of individuals — all denying they belonged to anything more innocuous than a loose collective of alcohol-fueled idealists (certainly not Earth First!) — conspired to overthrow their perception of environmental issues and activism as they thought they knew them at the time. The result — the Wild Rockies Review, published every so often, on recycled paper sourced from pulp previously wasted on the Missoulian or other mainstream publications, in a dreary corner of the Wild Rockies known as Missoula, Montana.

Now, for the first time ever — heretofore unknown amongst even those aforementioned idealists most likely to have shed their Luddite ways to connect to websites, social media such as Facebook and other sources of potentially fake news and slightly less enhanced truth — can be found electronic versions of the Wild Rockies Review. Better (or worse) yet — every one of them ever published!










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